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New Fitkicks Special Edition Colors

Fitkicks Special Edition colors - Graphite, Lush Life, Cloudburst, Primal - are getting some company. Introducing new Coco Palm and Deep Rhythm Fitkicks Special Edition. These two new colors are available now!


Fitkicks Coco Palm Special Edition for Women

Lose yourself in the relaxed shade of lush palms accented with exotic flamingo pink. Escape your daily chaos and enjoy a tropical getaway for your feet.
Coco Palm green and pink fitkicks for women

Fitkicks Deep Rhythm Special Edition for Women

Transcend into a pre-tech era, where tribal dance connects you to the land and sky. Rise to greet your inner warrior and embrace intrinsic movement to the simplicity of black and white.

New Special Edition Fitkicks are NOW Available

We are now accepting orders for these great new fit kicks colors. Find them with all our Fitkicks for Women.