Gift Cards and Buying FITKICKS Gifts for Others

FITKICKS shoes and accessories make great gifts for your family, friends, teams, and other groups. Finding the perfect gift is easy, since the sizes on most items will fit a range.  While we no longer have a Gift Card option available, we are still committed to helping you give FITKICKS shoes as the perfect gift.

No Hassle Exchanges for FITKICKS Gifts

If your purchase is shipped from our store directly to your gift recipient, we will offer them a No Hassle exchange experience. Be sure to add a note at checkout letting us know that the purchase is a gift. We will send a gift receipt that hides the prices, and we will communicate directly with the gift recipient should they contact us using the order ID on the gift receipt.

As a gift shipped directly from us, the recipient may request a return within 30 days and will receive a postage paid return label. Once the item is returned and approved, the recipient will receive store credit towards the purchase of the correct size or any other item of choice. Within 30 days of purchase the gift recipient will also receive free outbound shipping on the replacement item. If the gift recipient does not want store credit, a refund will be issued to the original method of payment for the order.

FITKICKS Gifts Sent Directly to You

If your gift is sent directly to you to be given at a later time, the return and exchange process is as though the item was ordered for you. All communication, credits, or refunds will be processed directly to and through your address.