FITKICKS Accessories

With the new line of FITKICKS accessoriesfitkicks accessories collection you can coordinate any workout with unparalleled performance! FITKICKS introduces this soft but ultra-grip headband, soft wrist wallet, and incredibly stretchable, comfortable waist pack. All accessories are color coordinated with the original line of fitkicks shoes for active lifestyles.

Available separately or in bundles, the fit kicks headbands, wrist wallets, and fanny packs make an excellent addition to your own workout gear … as well as great gifts for your workout buddies!

You will not believe the amazing stretch in the FitZipfitkicks accessories look great with casual wear waist pack. Just a compact 12 x 2 inches when empty, this pouch stretches to hold a water bottle AND several more essential items. The soft structure and elastic waistband are comfortable even during runs or calisthenics. Wherever your activity takes you, take along a full set of essentials with the expending capacity of the FitZip exercise pack.