Are FITKICKS shoes comfortable?

Yes! AND the form-fitting sole becomes even more comfortable over time. Fitkicks for women, men, and kids all share the same trademarked Flex Form sole technology that allows free range of motion and contoured comfort.

Are FITKICKS shoes appropriate for beach or pool wear?

Fitkicks can be used on beaches and in pools, though you may experience some snags or runs of the upper spandex material in those conditions. The elastic opening high on the foot helps keep sand and silt from building up inside, and the tough but comfortable soles help protect from sharp objects and rough surfaces.

Are FITKICKS shoes washable?

Yes. Fitkicks can be hand or machine washed in cool water with mild soap, and left to air dry.

Can you tell me more about FITKICKS Shoes sizes?

For current availability, the manufacturer of fit kicks shoes lists these sizes in US shoe equivalents:

Small 5.5–6.5 7–8 10–11.5
Medium 7–8 8.5–9.5 12–13.5
Large 8.5–9.5 10–11 1–2.5
XL 10–11 11.5–12.5 3–4.5

(All Sizes in US Standard)

While the uppers are spandex and stretchy, that toe patch is microfiber and does not stretch much. As long as your feet and ankles are pretty much “medium,” you should be ok in a true size. Sometimes a smaller pair can be a little bit tight on the toes of “in between” sizes, so we recommend ordering one size up if you are in between. If your feet are wider, thicker, sensitive to tightness in the toes, or otherwise have a disease process such as diabetes, then you might consider ordering one size larger.

Can you help me with Kids FITKICKS Shoes sizes?

Sometimes it is easier to estimate the kids sizes by measuring your child's foot. Take a look here:

size chart for kids sizes of fitkicks shoes

FITKIDS sizes can be easily estimated by measuring the bottom of your child’s foot. The foot should be smaller than the lengths indicated in the illustration.

What materials are used in the FITKICKS shoes?

The upper part of fitkicks is 100% spandex with a microfiber/PU reinforcing patch on the toes. The soles are PVC with BK mesh, and the inner sole is EVA. All other materials are a combination of polyester, elastic, and nylon.

Are the FITKICKS shoes vegan?

Yes. The reinforcing toe patch is a combination of microfiber and PU, with is a (Poly) Synthetic Leather, a man-made material that will represent the look and feel of genuine leather but in fact is NOT leather.

I bought my FITKICKS shoes from a different store. Can I exchange them here?

It depends. This store accepts exchanges or returns with order ID or proof of purchase from this store. If you purchased from a different retailer, then we encourage you to contact them for further service. If the purchase is WITHIN 30 DAYS AND you have contacted the original store without success, you can request a review here.