Yoga Woman Loves Fitkicks Shoes

Bring on the Spontaneous Yoga and More in Fitkicks Shoes

July 22, 2017

Fitkicks shoes are great for a variety of activities. Just glance at the back of your packaging and there are twelve examples of great instances to wear them. Today let us take a closer look at three of those times.

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Use Fitwrist Wallet to Make Exercise Fun

Turn Exercise into an Adventure with Fitwrist Wallet

July 15, 2017

The Fitwrist Wallet helps remove the barriers separating fun and exercise. Impossible, you say? Read on!

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Fitkicks New Special Edition Shoes Now Shipping

Just Released: Two New Fitkicks Special Edition Styles

July 08, 2017

Fitkicks lovers, rejoice! Your period of waiting has passed, and the two newest Fitkicks Special Edition Styles are available for order, shipping immediately.

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Need More Room in Your Bag? Pack Kruzers Space Saving Foldable Sneakers

Sneakers Taking All Your Bag Space? Pack Kruzers Instead!

July 01, 2017

Never run out of packing room again when you carry your Kruzers.

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Every Family Needs Fitkicks this Summer

Fitkicks: The Official Shoe of Summer

June 24, 2017

My friends, ready your Fitkicks shoes. Summer is upon us. “But wait-” you cry “-what are Fitkicks? Can I survive my summer without them?”  To answer your questions in order: only the best ever shoe for summer, and no.

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New Fitkicks Special Edition Shoes Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Two New Special Editions

June 17, 2017

Fitkicks fans rejoice! There will soon be two new Fitkicks Special Edition patterns to enjoy. Will you go with black and white or green and pink? Whether you chose one or both, they are sure to be your new best friends through summer and beyond.

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Take on Summer with a Throwback Back Pack Bag

Throwback Back Pack Bags: This Summer's Must-Have

June 10, 2017

Throwback back packs are about to save your summer.

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Dad Deserve Fitkicks for Men this Father's Day

Fitkicks for Father’s Day 2017

June 03, 2017

Good old Dad does not need another tie- he needs a pair of Fitkicks for men.

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Pregnant Woman Who Would Love Some Fitkicks Shoes

Hospital Bag, Meet Fitkicks

May 27, 2017

Hold on to your seat, because I am about to introduce you to the number one thing I had in my hospital bag: Fitkicks shoes. Like, all-the-nurses-asking-where-I-got-those kind of awesome. I-am-buying-these-for-all-my-pregnant-friends kind of awesome.

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Toddler Boy Who Loves Fitkicks Shoes

My Son Loves His Fitkicks

May 20, 2017

This boy loves him some FitKicks shoes. He has multiple pairs, voices preference on which color he wants to wear on any given day, and will ask me to put them on even if we are not going anywhere.

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Finding a FITKICKS Shoe to Fit Your Child

Finding a FITKICKS Shoe to Fit Your Child

June 02, 2016

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Mens FITKICKS: Encouraging the Little Changes that Add Up to a More Active Lifestyle

Mens FITKICKS: Encouraging the Little Changes that Add Up to a More Active Lifestyle

April 27, 2016

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