Wiggle Yours Toes in Fitkicks Shoes

August 08, 2020

Wiggle Your Toes in Fitkicks Shoes

Fitkicks shoes feels strongly that toe wiggling in an underrated activity. While signing the “This Little Piggy” rhyme is optional (but recommended), perhaps it is time you gave your toes a little more room to breathe? Read on to learn more!

Fitkicks Shoes Allow for Toe Wiggling

Fitkicks shoe wearers often feel that footwear which confines your toes is a crime, and they are not entirely wrong. Perhaps that is why someone designated August 6th as Navy Fit Kicks Shoes for WomenNational Wiggle Yours Toes Day! If the shoes you are currently wearing do not allow you toe-wiggling-freedom, perhaps it is time to give Fitkicks a try? These lightweight shoes provide a carefree, barefoot feeling with plenty of flexibility and range of motion to match. Wearing Fitkicks shoes is ideal for anytime your feet deserve a little extra love: long car trips, your daily commute, airplane travel, etc. The spandex upper of Fitkicks shoes is stretchy and accommodating for each unique pair of feet. Do you REALLY dislike having any pressure at all put on your toes? Order your Fitkicks shoes one size larger to ensure you have maximum toe space.

Wiggle Your Toes in Kozikicks Slippers, Too!

Do you need plush slippers that can do almost anything, but also allow your toes the space and freedom they deserve? Then Kozikicks slippers Kozy Kicks Slippers from Fit Kicks Shoesby Fitkicks are the choice for you! While the luxurious lining does limit the flexibility a touch more than Fitkicks shoes, Kozikicks slippers have a generous amount of real estate dedicated to your toes for a different (yet equally comfortable) fit. Plus, these great slippers just came out in two new colors! The Fine Line pattern is available with Turquoise accents in women’s sizes in Red accents in men’s sizes.

Your toes deserve more, treat them to Fitkicks shoes! Order today!

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