Welcome Fall Wearing Fitkicks Shoes

September 19, 2020

Fall is Here! Time to Check on Your Fitkicks Wardrobe

Fitkicks shoes are a great choice anytime of year, but what happens when you are no longer aware what time of year it is? Even if the entire concept of “time” feels a little warped right now, we do have some shockingly concrete news: Fall is upon us.

Ease into Autumn with Fitkicks Shoes

We know that telling you we are only a few days away from the Autumn Equinox is a potentially

Kozy Kicks Indoor Outdoor Slippers by Fitkicks Shoes

terrifying piece of information. What day/month/season is it currently? Hard to say. (We all know what year it is, though. Oh boy do we know it is 2020.) But we are wagering that the majority of folks have positive connotations with Fall: from flavors to colors, holidays to clothing options there is plenty to love. So instead of cowering from your calendar in fear upon discovering that the official start of Fall is on September 22nd this year, what if we all tried to embrace it in whatever sideways effort we are each currently capable of? Fitkicks – a nontraditional footwear choice that is all about freedom and flexibility – can help you accomplish this goal. Here are some Autumnal themed suggestions to get you hyped for the change of seasons:

Wash your Fitkicks shoes. Odds are you did not realize the entirety of summer has passed, so if you cannot remember the last time your Fitkicks got a little TLC then the time is now. Remember: cold water, similar colors, air dry.

Order your new Kozikicks to be ready for cooler temperatures. Fluffy on the inside, durable on the sole, neat-looking on the top: Kozikicks are the ideal slippers. A word of advice is that everyone is looking for comfort and joy where it may be found, and Kozikicks may dwindle in stock earlier this year than in the past.

Snag a Latitude Sling Bag to help keep your essentials handy. Whether your work commute involves moving room-to-room or getting in an actual car, forgetting things is a major bummer. Let the start of this new season be your kick-off for consolidation!

Wherever you are in your personal journey this year, Fitkicks shoes understands. Order what you need, do not order anything that makes you feel bad, and we just may get through this year yet.

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