Wear Fitkicks to Walk Your Dog

February 20, 2021

Wear Fitkicks to Walk Your Dog!

Fitkicks shoes are perfect for all kinds of activities, but have you considered just how perfect they are for walking your dog? Read on to learn more!

Fitkicks Shoes Fit Your Dog Walking Routine

Dogs are fantastic, 90% of people can agree on this. The few minutes between deciding to go on a walk and ACTUALLY leaving on said walk, however, are less

Fit Kicks Shoes Black and White Pattern

fantastic. Your furry friend is all excited about getting outside, really needs a potty break, or has been eyeing that squirrel through the window all afternoon (maybe all three) and even the smallest delay in departure is torture. So skip the complex sneakers! You can pull your Fitkicks shoes on in about 5 seconds, and then you both are that much closer to getting outside. As dog walking can occasionally lead to all kinds of unexpected outcomes (surprise puddle splashing, stepping in something unmentionable, peeing-from-excitement, oh my!) you will be extra glad your Fitkicks are machine washable. Just toss them in a cold wash with like colors, then air dry.


Fitkicks Shoes for All

Because dog walking can be an activity for almost any family member, you will

Fit Kicks Shoes in Bright Pink Coral

be thrilled to know that Fitkicks come in sizes for the whole family! Young dog walkers (aka small children who also need walks) will fit great in FitKids shoes. Choices for women are varied and delightful- there is truly something for everyone! From the high contrast Deep Rhythm to the bright and cheery Coral, choices abound. Men’s Fitkicks also offers some tried-and-true choices. Order some Fitkicks for the family today!


Your four legged best friend will thank you, so do not delay: get shopping for some Fitkicks shoes ASAP!

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