Walk Your Houseplant Wearing Fitkicks Shoes

July 25, 2020

Wear Fitkicks Shoes while Caring for your Plants!

Since Monday is National Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day, it seems only natural that Fitkicks shoes should get behind that kind of activity. Read on to learn more!

Walk Your Houseplants (and Yourself) in Fitkicks Shoes

Houseplants have a good life to be sure, but since someone made a whole national holiday around taking them for a stroll outdoors it does seem Coco Palm Fit Kicks Shoes for Womenlike a neat thing to do, you know, once year.  And what better shoe choice for this odd excursion than Fitkicks shoes? These lightweight, barefoot style shoes are easy to slip on for a casual walk. In the highly probable occasion that your traditionally sedentary plant should decide to sprinkle you with stray soil or drops of water, you will also be all set! Fitkicks shoes can be machine washed on cold with like colors anytime they need to be spruced up, and Fitkicks air dry quickly when wet (from washing or otherwise). Now, depending on the quantity and size of houseplants in your possession, it is possible you will need multiple strolls and/or a wagon to get the gang outdoors. But Fitkicks shoes will be there for you, keeping your feet comfy for however many laps it takes.

Plant Lovers will Adore these Fitkicks Shoes

Are plants your jam? Do patterns with flora just make you happy? Are bold, beautiful Green Crossover Fitkicks Shoescolors something you strive for in every season? Then you will be delighted at the variety available from Fitkicks shoes! These great shoes are sized for the whole family and come in a wonderful assortment of colors and styles. Coco Palm, of course, deserves first mention for the soothing palm leaf pattern on a gentle peach background. Green Crossovers are a solid contender, their lush saturated color bringing to mind everything from trees to vines. For those who like things on the funky side, take a look at Midnight Maui and Coral!

Whatever your feelings on plants are (and their indoor/outdoor locations), be sure to order yourself a pair of Fitkicks shoes today!

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