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Turn Exercise into an Adventure with Fitwrist Wallet

July 15, 2017

The Fitwrist Wallet helps remove the barriers separating fun and exercise. Impossible, you say? Read on!

Incentives Beget Results

Who here does not need a little extra motivation to squeeze in their exercise? I certainly do. I recently challenged myself to use my Fitwrist Wallet and see if I sneak some fun incentives into my exercise routine- and it was a success! Let me talk you through how I approached it – maybe some of this will ring true for you, too.

Carry the Essentials

My Fitwrist Wallet helped me keep on hand only the essentials, so I did not have to feel like I was lugging my entire purse Fitwrist Wrsit Wallet in Grayaround each time I went to exercise. In my Fitwrist I easily fit a house key, credit card (could have just as easily been a few dollars cash), and tube of lip balm. Then I just slipped it on and was ready to roll! Fitwrist comes in 4 great colors, but I like to rock the Gray- it has just a hint of purple to it.

Plan for Fun

Planning for fun started small for me. I reworked my walking route to dip into a coffee shop on the way home. It took seconds to get my card out of my Fitwrist Wallet, not the usual minute between digging in my purse and traditional wallet. And there is nothing like a pick-me-up to look forward to on the first half then enjoy all the way home! Next I decided to expand my efforts with a trip to my local botanical gardens. I promised myself that if I power-walked the beautiful garden paths then I could treat myself to my favorite tacos for lunch. Fitting my membership card and car key into my Fitwrist Wallet was no trouble at all. I felt so good about the whole setup I went back for a second lap after lunch. Baby steps, right?

So my Fitwrist Wallet has not turned my into a fitness guru overnight, but I definitely feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Why not grab a Fitwrist to match your Fitkicks shoes and try it out for yourself?

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