Simplistic Takes the Stage: Women’s All Black Fitkicks are Here!

January 25, 2020

Women's All Black Fitkicks Shoes are Finally Here!

Fans of Fitkicks shoes have asked, and reminded, and prodded, but all that effort has finally paid off: All Black Fitkicks are now available in Women’s sizes! Read on to learn more!

Back in (All) Black

These Women's All Black Fitkicks shoes are black. Like, REALLY black. The Flex Form All Black Fit Kicks Shoes for Womensoles are black. The insoles are black. The spandex upper is black. The toe patch and cross strap are both black. The stitching is black. You wanted an All Black shoe in women’s sizes, and now you have it. So no more need to email us about if we think coloring in the gray cross strap on Classic Black with a permanent marker will work (we do not think it will, and it sounds painstaking to try). What is not new? The same great fit, comfort, and flexibility you already know and love about Fitkicks shoes! Get your Women’s All Black Fitkicks shoes and get on with living your best life!

Looking for More Women’s Fitkicks in Black?

Worry not, because your choices abound! If black is your ride-or-die, signature color than why limit yourself to a single pair of All Black Fitkicks? Crossovers come in Black, too! Is it still cold where you are? Grab Women's Kozi Kicks Slippers in Black by Fit Kicks Shoessome Black Kozikicks slippers! Then show off your dynamic range with Classic Black Fitkicks, featuring touch of gray. Get ready for spring with heathered Live Well Fitkicks in Black (or “Pastel Black” if you please). Go all out by wearing Midnight Maui Fitkicks, though people may ask if the person wearing black and white shoes with a bright stripe of blue is really you. Deep Rhythm Fitkicks shoes have a fun tribal pattern, but still hold it down as being mostly black. With so many great choices all based on the wonderful color black, you might soon find Fitkicks are your go-to shoes!

So whether you are ordering a boat load of Women’s All Black, because you waited this long and you deserve it, or diversifying your shoe portfolio with other black choices you simply cannot go wrong with Fitkicks shoes. Order today!

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