Prep for Early Spring with Fitkicks Shoes

February 08, 2020

Phil says get your Fitkicks shoes ready for early spring!

Fitkicks shoes fans across the country surely watched on bated breath last week as Groundhog’s Day gave us our annual short-term weather update, and the answer is Spring! Read on to get your Fitkicks geared up for better weather.

Phil is Feeling the Fitkicks Weather!

According to the nation’s most beloved weather predicting rodent, Spring is coming Womens All Black Fit Kicks Shoes NEWearly this year which is great news for fans of Fitkicks shoes! Once all that snow, ice, and slush melt away it will be time to break out the warmer weather options and get back into some of our favorite outdoor activities- all while wearing Fitkicks shoes, of course. Whether you are setting out on your favorite walking trail in the brand new All Black Fitkicks for women or getting out on the water in splashy Blue Fitkicks, your season of outdoor enjoyment is nearly here! Get your Fitkicks order in for the whole family so that, when the thaw does come, you will be armed and ready to seize the slightly warmer day!

Kozikicks Slippers, Just in Case

But…. Hypothetically. If Mr. Phil happens to be incorrect (he has been accurate 39% of the time, which is an excellent batting average, but a slightlyKozi Kicks Slippers in Kensington Fit Kicks Shoes less reliable weather prediction) you can keep your toasty Kozikicks slippers on for a little while longer. Since this season introduced some great new color choices, 6 more weeks of winter might even be reason to indulge in a new pair! Cat Walk and Kensington are excellent options for fans of bold patterns, but of course Blue, Purple, and Black are solid colors with plenty of appeal.

No matter which weather option you feel inclined to side with (or if you cover your bases and prep for both!) Fitkicks shoes has you covered. Order yours today!

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