New Fitkicks Sport Visors are Here!

July 14, 2018

Wear Your Fitkicks Sport Visor Anywhere!

Sport Visors are the newest release from Fitkicks Shoes, just as convenient and portable as the entire Fitkicks line!

Sport Visors are Easy to Wear, Easy to Pack

Made of a soft, stretchy material and generously wide elastic, the Sport Visors are ready to provide a perfect fit for everyone without all theSport Visor in Black from Fitkicks Shoes fussing with Velcro or other fasteners. Simply slip it on and go! Then, when the visor is no longer called for, it is equally easy to slip it off and into your bag; the band tucks neatly behind the minimalist bill, so the whole thing takes up very little space.

Washable Sport Visors Keep Things Fresh

Wash your new Sport Visor with no fear of losing its shape! When hand washed, or Sport Visor in Blue from Fitkicks Shoesmachine washed on cold with like colors, the Sport Visors come out looking good as new every time. Simply wash, air dry, and wear again. So take your new visor on your sweatiest, messiest adventures- it will clean up just as well as you do.

Sport Visors from Fitkicks Come in Three Great Colors

For those who love variety, the brand-new Sport Visors come in three colors: Black, Blue, and Pink. With a fun, heathered pattern, each Sport Visor in Pink from Fitkicks Shoesoption is more dynamic than a static, flat color alone. Given how easy these are to wear and store, it would even be appropriate to own all three colors! That way you are never without a visor, no matter which outfit you have chosen for the day.

Now that you have been introduced to the newest Fitkicks addition, what are you waiting for? Order your Sport Visor today!

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