Fitkicks Wants to Help You Get Outside Safely

April 18, 2020

Keep Healthy in Your Neighborhood with Fitkicks Shoes

With the current ever-changing safety recommendations, it can be hard to keep up your regular routines (even ones you enjoy). Here are some ideas from Fitkicks for keeping fitness in your to do list.

Fitkicks Shoes Encourages You to Exercise Safely

For the majority of individuals right now staying home is strongly encouraged (if not officially mandated). While you are certainly and rightfully missingWomens Fit Kicks Shoes in All Black your favorite fitness classes, gym buddies, and rec sports teammates you ALSO should not give up on your physical wellness entirely. Even a walk around your area of residence can help boost your mood, lower your anxiety, and get your heart pumping. Fitkicks shoes would like to encourage you to pull on your favorite pair of barefoot-feeling shoes (Women's All Black, anyone?), refresh your memory on what 6 feet looks like, and safely incorporate a bit of exercise into your current reality. Fitkicks shoes are easily washed in cold water and air dried, so you could even clean them after each excursion if that would bring you peace of mind. Whatever it is that sounds manageable to you, Fitkicks shoes would like to encourage you to do that safely.

Free FitWrist Wallet with Purchase

During this time of general uneasiness, it is certainly understandable that you want to Live Well Wrist Wallet from Fit Kicks Shoeskeep current national wellness recommendations in mind. For any orders of $60 or more can add a free Live Well Wrist Wallet to your cart, the perfect companion to small outdoor excursions. Each wrist wallet can easily fit a house key and your most immediate necessities, like perhaps a small hand sanitizer or a pair of disposable gloves. The small wallet simply hugs your wrist securely and keeps your items easily accessible while simultaneously leaving your hands free and unburdened.

Fitkicks is hoping a bit of exercise can do us all some good in this troubled time, and orders are shipping straight away, directly to you via USPS.

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