Fitkicks Shoes v Lost Socks

May 08, 2020

Skip the Socks with Fitkicks Shoes

Fitkicks shoes are a crowd favorite for many reasons, including their ability to be worn without socks and that is one less thing to keep track of! Read on to learn more!

Skip Lost Sock Memorial Day, Wear Fitkicks Instead!

While May 9th is the official day for mourning those socks that inevitably seem to dissolve intoFit Kicks Shoes for Women All Black thin air each year, we think you should skip Lost Sock Memorial Day and jump into Fitkicks shoes instead! These lightweight, barefoot-feeling shoes fit great exactly as is, no socks required. Then you can get down with your sock-free self and rock your Fitkicks on land and in the water without missing a beat! Fitkicks are also easily machine washed in cold water with like colors and air dried, so smelly shoes are a thing of the past. Spend less time digging through your sock drawer for those slippery strays and more time doing what you love: yoga, biking, dancing, walking, and more.

…Or Wear Kozikicks Slippers- The Best of Both Worlds!

But what if you really enjoy the benefits of wearing socks? What if the feeling of having your feet snuggly and warm is your number one priority? The Kozy Kicks Slippers for Women Fine Linefantastic Kozikicks slippers are the shoes for you! These sleek and stylish slippers can be worn indoors or outdoors, keeping your feet surrounded in fluffy comfort wherever you go. Kozikicks are effortless to put on but fit well enough that they will not going flying off your feet without warning. Bonus: the brand-new Fine Line Kozikicks have just been added to the store, giving you a total of 6 styles to choose form!

So no matter what you and your sockless feet are up to Fitkicks has got you covered! Orders are shipping right away to your door via USPS!

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