Fitkicks Shoes v Impending Tax Deadline

April 04, 2020

Incentivize Yourself to Do Your Taxes with Fitkicks Shoes

Getting out and doing almost anything in your favorite Fitkicks shoes sounds better than finally finishing up your taxes. We get it. So lets dive into your options and see if maybe we can help you have the best of both worlds.

Wearing Fitkicks > Doing Taxes

Walking the dog, doing some yoga, going to the grocery store, cleaning the base boards- these are all activities that are great times to wear Fitkicks Fit Kicks Barefoot Shoes for Women in Navy Blueshoes. Coincidentally, these are all likely options to help you avoid doing your yearly taxes (even if the IRS did extend the deadline). If you are going to hem and haw around, delaying the inevitable, why not really live it up? Try that obscure sport you have been eyeing for months (hello, paddle boarding!), hike that new trail your friend keeps posting pictures of, join a video dance-for-fitness class! Once you run out of new things to try then you might have to throw in the towel and actually do your taxes. But today is not that day.

But What About Doing Taxes and then Wearing NEW Fitkicks?

Now I am not suggesting that we as adults are basically oversized toddlers who need to Fit Kicks New Latitude Cross Body Bag in Greybe bribed into doing the things we do not want to do, but… No, that is actually EXACTLY what I am suggesting. Taxes are complicated, math-based, and scary. Sometimes you get money back (yes!), but sometimes you end up having to pay more (boo!) and the whole thing is just an anxiety-inducing mess even for the best of us. But you know what is better than delaying your taxes? Just having it over with, whatever the outcome. Take out the unknown factor, bite the bullet, and just get them knocked out. Tell yourself that as a reward you can order a brand-new pair of Fitkicks shoes as soon as those taxes are submitted! If you have not shopped with Fitkicks website recently, you will be pleasantly surprised to find several new additions, from new shoe colors to fun accessories!

Ultimately your taxes are up to you and you alone (and maybe your accountant), but your Fitkicks shoes will certainly be there to help you burn off all that anxious, tax-related energy. Order today!

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