Fitkicks Loves National Maritime Day

May 22, 2020

Celebrate National Maritime Day with Fitkicks Shoes

Fitkicks shoes knows you love to wear your favorite Fitkicks anywhere and everywhere, which certainly includes Maritime activities! So why not celebrate National Maritime Day while wearing Fitkicks? It is a perfect match!

Maritime Fitkicks for Maritime Day

While all Fitkicks shoes can certainly be considered seaworthy, it wouldFit Kicks Shoes in Maritime Red be especially poignant to celebrate National Maritime Day wearing Maritime Fitkicks. These striking shoes are available in Anchors Away (a bold red) and Vitamin Sea (a pun AND a beautiful shade of blue) to best match your preferred excursion outfits. Another feature unique to the Maritime Fitkicks collection is their white soles! Still made with the Flex Form technology you already know and love from Fitkicks, these lighter soles are a prime way to avoid dark scuff marks. The sum of all these great details is clearly something any nautical enthusiast would want to add to their shoe collection!

…Or Just ANY Fitkicks for Maritime Day

While the bulk of the Fitkicks catalogue was not specifically designed with MaritimeFit Kicks Shoes in Maritime Blue activities in mind you will find that the other styles of Fitkicks shoes are equally applicable to your water activities. These lightweight shoes can be worn in and out of the water. Since they dry quickly there is no need to haul around a bulky change of shoes! The barefoot-feeling Fitkicks wearers experience lets you frolic unencumbered while still protecting your feet from too-hot sand or sharp rocks. Since Fitkicks shoes can be machine washed on cold then air dried they are easily maintained no matter what body of water you are exploring. So slip into your Fitkicks and get on with the fun this National Maritime Day!

With the whole summer ahead of you, one decision is clear: you should stock up on Fitkicks shoes! Order today!

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