Fitkicks Leggings are Squat Proof

September 05, 2020

Fitkicks Leggings are Squat Proof and Amazing!

Fitkicks Crossover Leggings are built to move with you through anything, even squats! Read on to learn more.

Squat Proof, Worry Proof Fitkicks Leggings

Fitkicks understands the desire to work out without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. When you are in the zone the fastest way to lose your focus is checking on your leggings every few reps. We are proud to assure you that the ultra-comfortable, double-pocket-having Fitkicks Crossover Leggings are squat proof and ready for your toughest gym days! The Fitkicks Leggings stay in place, hold your essentials, and look great which is really the holy grail of leggings attributes. So squat, lunge, lift, stretch to your (personal trainer’s) satisfaction- these leggings are not going anywhere. And if you keep an extra couple pairs around to see you through your non-gym hours, you will find Crossover Leggings are also toddler-lifting proof, case-of-water-in-the-bottom-of-the-cart proof, and help-your-friend-move proof.

Spoiled for Choice with Fitkicks Leggings

Did we mention that Crossover Leggings come in four great colors?!? Whether you are for tried and true neutrals like Black and Gray or bold but workable colors like Burgundy and Teal you will be thrilled with the choices. Mix and match these amazing leggings in all their squat-proof glory with your existing workout wardrobe, they should fit right in! These awesome leggings do not only coordinate with the Crossover Fitkicks Shoes collection, you can find all kinds of complimentary Fitkicks choices. Also, with four sizes to choose from, everyone can find the color and fit that matches them best.

So do not do another squat without the confidence of leggings that take your workout as seriously as you do! Order your Fitkicks Crossover Leggings today!

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