Fitkicks are THE Summer Shoe

June 13, 2020

Fitkicks are the best shoes for Summer!

While yesterday may have been, ahem, National Flip Flop Day, Fitkicks shoes feels totally justified in declaring Summer National Fitkicks Season! Fitkicks shoes are superior to flip flops, and it only takes moments to understand why. Read on to learn more!

Fitkicks > Flip Flops

Anything you can do in flip flops you can do better while wearing Fitkicks shoes (unless your goal is to annoy everyone around you and possibly launch All Black Fitkicks Shoes for Womena flip flop off your foot into oblivion at any given time, in which case please continue wearing flip flops and disregard the rest of this blog). Going swimming? Fitkicks can be worn in and out of the water, and they dry quickly. Plus Fitkicks have the additional bonus of traction (both on the barefoot-style sole within and the Flex Form exterior sole) ensuring you will no go sliding around anytime you encounter a puddle. Need something lightweight? Fitkicks stretchy, spandex upper weigh practically nothing, and the sole only weighs slightly more than nothing! Looking for something that is easy to clean up? Fitkicks shoes are machine washable on cold with like colors, air dry.

But Will Fitkicks Match My Outfit?

Short answer: Yes! Fitkicks are available in sizes for the whole family and a variety of Fitkicks Shoes in Coral for Womenstyles and colors to meet individual fashion styles. From solids to patterns, black to red, there are Fitkicks shoes for everyone! Whether you love keeping it simple in All Black or making a statement in Coral, step up your summer footwear with Fitkicks shoes.

You get it. Flip flops are a safety hazard masquerading as a shoe, Fitkicks are fantastic and loved by practically everyone. The choice is yours. Order today.

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