Finding the Right Fitkicks Size for Young Men

February 06, 2021

Finding Fitkicks to Fit Your Growing Kids

Have a young Fitkicks shoes fan who has outgrown the Fitkids sizes? Here is a helpful fit guide to help them transition into larger Fitkicks shoes!

Fitkicks Sizes for Growing Youth

Many children are Fitkicks fans for the very start- Fitkids shoes are sized just for them, are easy to put on by themselves, and can be worn in and out of

Fitkicks Shoes All Black for Women

water without fuss! But the XL Fitkids shoes top out at roughly size 4.5 shoe (in Big Kids sizes), so where to turn next? Most growing kids will start right into the Women’s Fitkicks collection, and the Women’s size Small should fit them just right. While most boys do not waste much time in growing on through into the Men’s sizes, the Women’s All Black can help make sure they still have a well-fitting pair of their favorite shoes to bridge the gap (while still looking on-par with any older Men’s Fitkicks wearers in family).


Sizing Women’s Fitkicks Up or Men’s Fitkicks Down

For anyone, youth or otherwise, needing alternate sizing suggestions, here is a 

Deep Rhythm Fitkicks Shoes for Women

great place to start: the Women’s XL Fitkicks shoes are the same size as the Men’s Small Fitkicks shoes. So any ladies looking for a little more length can try something from the Men’s collection, which has some killer exclusive colors like Gray. Guys wanting to wear their Fitkicks without tripping over extra space often opt for the Women’s All Black or Deep Rhythm in XL and find just the fit they were after. So fear not! Fitkicks shoes fit almost everyone, both in sizes and in styles.


Now that we have taken the mystery out of finding the perfect Fitkicks shoes for those tricky transitions, order today!

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