Embrace Wearing Gaudy Things with Fitkicks Shoes to Match

October 17, 2020

Wearing Fun Fitkicks Shoes is Not Gaudy, it is GREAT

When Fitkicks shoes read that Wear Something Gaudy Day was today, we had to pause and look up the full definition of the word. For those of you wondering, it is “extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless.” Shall we rise to that challenge?

Wear Something Gaudy GREAT with Fitkicks

Fitkicks shoes knows that breaking habits or societal expectations can be hard to do. But lets face it: if there was EVER a year throw outside opinions

Palm Leaf Fitkicks Shoes for Women

to the wind it is 2020. If you love something, wear it! Odds are your staying home anyway, but even if you do go out- so what? Break out those too-bright blouses, the dress made up of 85% sequins, those knee socks you adore. Whatever brings a smile to your face, wear it happily! Together we can collectively toss that second half of the gaudy definition, and revel in wearing our extravagantly bright or showy things.

Fitkicks Brings the Color

Time for the best news: regardless of what form “gaudy” takes for you, there is almost

Fit Kicks Shoes Black White Floral Midnight Maui

certainly a pair of Fitkicks shoes to complete the look. Neutrals can have a seat on the bench, the time for unapologetic colors and patterns in now! Coral shoes to go with the bright, kicky dress in your closet? Heck yes!  Coco Palm Fitkicks to match your “Gardeners for Life” sweatshirt? Rock on! DO you want people who stare too hard at your shoes to get dizzy? (Serves them right.) Opt for Midnight Maui! Get to the back of your closet and get out that taboo piece you love but never seem to wear. This your time, rebel!


For today and every day, Fitkicks wishes you the courage to wear things that appeal to you without any fear of the opinions of others. You do you!

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