All Black Men’s Fitkicks are Here!

July 28, 2018

Now Available: Men's All Black Fitkicks Shoes!

Fitkicks has listened the overwhelming feedback and introduced an All Black men’s shoe. Read on to learn more!

Fitkicks Keeps it Cool in All Black

Now, I’m not saying that y’all did not like the lime green accent on the original Black Fit Kicks Shoes in All Black men'smen’s Fitkicks, but y’all DID NOT like the lime green accent on that pair. And you let Fitkicks know about it! So I’m sure this will start a flood of relief: there is now an All Black pair of men’s Fitkicks shoes. Yes, all black. As in everything. Every part. No lime green, no gray- just black. The response so far has been clear: folks are really liking it! While there are still some out there who enjoy the pop of lime on the original Black men’s Fitkicks, everyone else now has their wish of a monotone option as well.

Change Your Fitkicks Color, Not Your Fitkicks Routine

Just because this pair comes in All Black does not mean they are any different from the Fitkicks you already know and love. Do you wear your Fitkicks at the lake, in and out of the water? Keep doing that! Are Fitkicks your favorite because of the free, barefoot feeling? That is exactly the same! Do you appreciate Fitkicks shoes because they are easy to wash and do not take 3+ days to completely dry? They still do that! Just now they do all that and more in a sleek, All Black style. So keeping walking, biking, grooving, and just generally doing your thing- just do it in these awesome new All Black men’s Fitkicks shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Snag your All Black men’s Fitkicks today!

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