Adding Color to Your Outfit: Coordinating FitKicks and Accessories

March 08, 2016

Adding Color to Your Outfit: Coordinating FitKicks and Accessories

If you love the beautiful vibrant shades of teal and fuchsia that classic FitKicks shoes bring to your outfit, get ready for an even more colorful year ahead. You only need to check out photos from the big fashion shows that took place earlier this year to know that color is going to be big news! Not only for fitness footwear, but for all kinds of apparel and accessories. While neutral shades remain a popular, if safe, choice, bright jewel tones, soft pastels and pretty ice cream shades are all poised to make a colorful splash for your fashion in the next few months.

Pink FitKicks Teamed With ...?

Many fashion fans can hardly wait to team their pretty fuchsia pink fit kicks with a pastel blue top or ruby red leggings, pink fit kicks shoes onlinewhile others feel apprehensive about embracing the trend for more colorful outfits. If your go-to outfits are typically in black or neutral colors, how can you embrace the trend for bolder, more colorful looks without feeling completely outside your comfort zone? Here is the easiest answer: a pair of colorful fitness shoes teamed with matching - or even contrasting - colorful accessories add trendy pops of color to your style while maintaining your investment in quieter colors for your clothes.

Time to Try a New Pair of FitKicks in a New Color?

If you have been wary about color in the past, this is a great year to experiment with bringing more vibrant shades into your outfits. Trying a new color can refresh your look in surprising ways. It can even give your mood a boost, because the colors we choose can have a powerful impact on our state of mind. And if you tend to stick to your favorite black Fit Kick sneakers, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to one of the other classic shades
Not sure which to choose? Try our quiz. You may even see yourself in a new, more confident light as you discover which colors work best for you.

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