Spring into a New Season with FitKicks

February 11, 2016

If your idea of the perfect weekend is putting on your FitKicks sneakers and favorite active wear and getting out in nature, meeting up with friends for good times in great company, or even simply taking a walk across town to your favorite coffee shop, the cold winter months may have outstayed their welcome as far as you are concerned. The good news is that, while the weather is still chilly in many places, spring is just around the corner and your fun and active lifestyle will not run into quite so many rainchecks as the temperature becomes a little milder.

While spring will not officially be with us until March, many fitkicks fans have already been able to get out and about without having to bundle up for the cold weather. And for everyone who loves Fit kick sneakers - not just because they are the perfect shoe for anyone living an active lifestyle, but also because they are super stylish - the great news is that there are even more FitKicks styles to choose from this year. In addition to the classic Fit Kicks sneakers which are available in teal, fuchsia pink, silver gray and black, there are also two awesome limited edition designs: you can choose from vibrantly floral Lush Life and striking Graphite.

Mens FitKicks: Popular with Men and Women

The new FitKick sneakers for men are also perfect for women who like their shoes with a little extra room in the toe. Available in black with zesty lime accents and navy with gray and teal accents, mens fitkicks have become an instant hit with guys who love these sneakers’ cool looks and lightweight, form fitting design.

fitkicks come in styles and colors for women, men, and childrenThis year, springs most fashionable colors are a mixture of vibrant and energetic hues, such as buttercup yellow and vivid green and of more subdued, soothing tones, including rose quartz and serenity blue. That means there will be a look to suit every personality this season. With the choice of fit kick sneakers wider than ever, there will also be a pair of FitKicks to complement every outfit too.

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