Part 2: Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution, FitKicks Fans?

January 21, 2016

Part 2: Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution, FitKicks Fans?

So you are still wearing that new pair of FitKicks (and they look awesome, by the way). But if you bought them to encourage yourself to start going to the gym in the New Year, how is that working out for you? Even if your resolution - to live a more active lifestyle, or whatever else - is going great, you may have caught yourself wondering whether you will still be working out regularly in your fitkick sneakers a few months down the line. Many of us find that, while making New Year’s resolutions is pretty easy, sticking to them can be a whole lot harder.

In Part 1: Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution, FitKicks Fans? we discussed how easy it is to get off track. Here we think over some ways to keep the good going.

Decide to Start Again … Today and Every Day with FitKicks

Whether you have already worn your Fitkicks to the coffee shop more often than you have worn them to the gym, or you simply find yourself wondering whether you have the willpower to stick to your resolutions, don’t despair. You’ve totally got this. And we have put together five great tips to help you get back on track.

1. Give Yourself Time
It takes time to create a new habit, FitKicks fans. Some people say it takes 30 days, others claim 66 days is the magic number. The good news is that, even if it feels difficult at first, if you can just stick with your resolution for a month or two, it should start to get easier and eventually become second nature.

2. Replace Old Habits with New Ones
One problem people have with New Year’s resolutions comes from trying to quit an old habit without replacing it with something new. For example, if you want to stop going for pizza every night after work, replace that habit by having your Fit Kick fitness accessories with you so you can head straight off to that exercise class instead.

3. Picture How Your Life Will Be
Many people dismiss visualization as a bit new-agey. However, creating a picture in your mind of living a more active lifestyle or making whatever other changes you desire is a great way of staying committed to your goals.

4. Get Your Buddies to Help
Going it alone can be tough. Why not team up with friends and coworkers who also want to eat more healthily or live a more active lifestyle? That way you can help one another stay motivated.

5. Be Kind to Yourself
One piece of cake isn’t the end of the world—after all, you could probably burn that off by stepping into your FitKicks exercise shoes and going for a brisk walk. So do not beat yourself up if you misstep once in a while. Sticking to resolutions most of the time is still pretty cool … and much more doable.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions, FitKicks fans? How are they working out? If you have any tips on sticking to your resolutions, we would love to hear from you. Like us on Facebook and join in the discussion.

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