Ten Thousand Steps Every Day? You Can Do It with FitKicks

August 24, 2015

Fitkicks fans, did you know that some fitness experts believe that we should take 10,000 steps every day if we want to get—and stay—fit? TEN thousand. Ten THOUSAND? It sounds like a lot, but if you have an active lifestyle you may be pretty close to that already. Even if you are nowhere near, you could be surprised by just how easy it is to increase the number of steps you take every day—especially when you wear the right exercise shoes.

Fitkicks are designed for comfort. They have a built in toe guard to protect your feet and a slip resistant form fitting solefitkicks shoes sole has Fit Flex technology which makes them ideal for most surfaces. Whether you wear your fit kicks for walking, dancing or playing sport, your feet will feel light, gently cushioned and wonderfully comfortable. All you have to do is stay active in order to add steps that will count toward your daily 10K.

FitKicks are an Easy Way to a More Active Lifestyle

Being busy is not always the same as being active. For example, if you work in an office you could feel like you never even leave your desk. Living a more active life can feel like a real challenge in that situation. Wearing specially designed exercise shoes like the ones from Fitkicksshoes.com can help you increase the number of steps you take each day. That is one of the simplest ways to improve your fitness because, when your feet are comfortable, it becomes easier to make small changes like taking the stairs or walking to the store.

Better still, there is no need to compromise on style—Fitkicks are affordable and super cute and come in a choice of four fashion forward colors: gray, teal, pink and black. Shipping is fast and free, so why not treat yourself to a pair today?

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