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ANSWER: Which FitKicks Shoes Suit Your Exercise Personality?

August 20, 2015

You have finished the quiz to help define your perfect FitKicks shoes personality. Now just tally up your answers and match them to these recommendations. Your choice will be clear and simple!

Mostly A’s
Sensitive Silvergray fitkicks shoes—Intuitive and creative by nature, people may find you a little quiet and reserved when they first meet you. However, anyone who takes the time to get to know you will quickly discover you have the strength and self-discipline it takes to commit to any fitness goal you set your sights on. If silver gray fitkicks shoes match your exercise personality, you also have an adventurous side and never stop learning and improving yourself.

Mostly B’s
Tranquil Tealteal fitkicks shoes—Individual and maybe even a trend setter, your friends would likely describe you as a free spirit and you may have a deeply spiritual side. Not that you walk around with your head in the clouds—far from it! Teal Fitkicks fans simply understand the importance of fitting an uplifting exercise routine into their busy schedule.

Mostly C’s
Playful Pinkpink fitkicks shoes—If you have already found an exercise routine that suits you, you rarely need to force yourself to work out because for you it is all about having fun. You treasure your friends and where you lead they follow, drawn by your positive attitude and upbeat energy. Best of all, your enthusiasm for an active life is infectious—no wonder your friends are starting to take an interest in fitness too! Check their feet—have they started wearing pink fit kicks too?

Mostly D’s
Balanced Blackblack fitkicks shoes—you know what you like and you tend to stick to it. A loyal friend, you may have quite a traditional outlook, or you may simply be very clear on your likes and dislikes. Your balanced attitude means that once you have discovered a workout routine you love, you have the discipline to stick with it rain or shine. Black Fitkicks are always popular and your kind, trustworthy nature ensures that you are too.

If you had equal scores for two colors, why not treat yourself to both? After all, it feels great to have a fresh pair of washable Fitkicks to step into after you have finished your workout.

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