Finding a FITKICKS Shoe to Fit Your Child

June 02, 2016

Finding a FITKICKS Shoe to Fit Your Child

The FITKIDS shoes are available in general sizes Small (10-11.5), Medium (12-13.5), Large (1-2.5), and X-Large (3-4.5), which match US child shoe sizes. But it can be helpful to know a little bit more detail about exactly what foot those shoes will fit!

FITKIDS FitKicks Children Size Chart

FitKicks Kids shoe sizes can be easily estimated by measuring the bottom of your child’s foot. The foot should be smaller than the lengths indicated in the illustration. The measurement of each shoe from tip to heel is: Small 6 inches, Medium 7 inches, Large 7.5 inches, and X-Large 8 inches.

size chart for fitkicks kids shoes

FitKicks Kids Sizes

The uppers are spandex and plenty stretchy, so each size will fit almost any child width. Kids just love these comfy fit kicks shoes. So choosing the right fit will help them love the shoes even more. Available in great colors, these fitkicks for kids are perfect for practically any activity.

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Careran Companies
Careran Companies

July 11, 2016

Thanks for the comment, Sherri. I am not sure about what you saw in Rock Port, but this store carries every available color, size, and style of authentic FITKICKS shoes. The lines are expanding all the time, so check back often to see new options – we expect the next release to be in August 2016.


June 09, 2016

I bought a pair of these in rock port at the truck stop and want to buy more but you do not have a very big varity of colors on the web site like you did in the store how do I go about finding more colors

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