FITKICKS Gift Cards are Now Available

November 23, 2016

FITKICKS Gift Cards are Now Available

Everyone loves Fitkicks shoes, and they make the perfect gift. What, then, could be even more perfect? The gift of choice!

Fitkicks gift cards are now available in four values from $25 to $100. The gift card can be redeemed at checkout to cover any part of the balance - including taxes or shipping.

How FITKICKS Gift Cards Work

When you purchase a gift card, you will FIRST receive an email confirming the purchase. Sometime after that (say … the next morning if the purchase was made overnight), you will receive a SECOND email confirming that the fit kicks gift card is active and includes instructions for redeeming the gift.

The second email - activation confirmation and instructions - can then be sent to anyone on your gift list. They will be able to use the gift card code as a payment method in our store’s secure online cart.

FITKICKS Gift Cards Never Expire

The gift card balance can be used all at once or over several purchases. The gift card will never expire, and the code will remain available until the balance reaches zero.

The “Fine Print” for Fitkicks Gift Cards

Once activated, gift cards cannot be refunded or replaced. The promotion code unique to each card is the responsibility of the buyer, and we cannot move the balance to a different card if the email is lost or stolen. Please treat the gift card as you would cash.

Fit kicks gift cards cannot be purchased using a promotion code.

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