Mens FITKICKS: Encouraging the Little Changes that Add Up to a More Active Lifestyle

April 27, 2016

Mens FITKICKS: Encouraging the Little Changes that Add Up to a More Active Lifestyle

There was wonderful news for men earlier this year when we announced that the new line of FitKicks shoes especially designed for men was finally available. We know that many guys have been waiting a long time to experience the stylish comfort of Fit Kicks shoes for themselves, so we were delighted to be able to add mens fitkicks to the range of footwear in our online store.

Flexible FITKICKS Inspire Sharing the Love

FitKicks shoes were originally created for women who wanted shoes that were beautifully designed and stylish enough to wear no matter what the occasion, but also a super comfortable shoe that would not hold wearers back in their busy active lifestyle. Our fans clamored for these same great attributes for men and kids. Many fans of original fitkicks shoes were particularly pleased to be able to introduce mens fit kicks to their fathers, brothers, boyfriends, sons and partners. That was because they had already discovered for themselves how their own comfy, lightweight Fitkicks made it easier to be more active. Our fans realized these flexible lightweight fitness shoes could also help inspire the men in their lives to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.

FITKICKS Make It Easier to Be More Active

Just like women, men often wish they were more fit. Even the guys who resist the idea of pulling on their fitness footwear and starting a workout program. They may think wistfully of the smaller waistband and washboard stomach of their younger days. Like women, guys may need a little help and support when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes. That could be because they feel they are too busy to make time for regular exercise. Or they may feel self-conscious about joining a gym or an exercise class if they imagine that everyone else will be in better shape. With a pair of mens lightweight fitkicks, available in navy or black, guys will also find it easier to be more active as part of their everyday lives, from taking the stairs to walking to the store, all in comfort and style.

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