How FITKICKS Can Add Color to Your Outfit

April 13, 2016

How FITKICKS Can Add Color to Your Outfit

Many fashion loving FITKICKS fans can likely list the most up to the minute colors and hottest runway fashion trends in apparel and accessories, including sneakers and fitness shoes, without any hesitation at all. However, there is a world of difference between knowing the styles and colors that are hot right now and actually making the latest trends work as part of your own look.

This fascinating fashion article at Womens Wear Daily, The Color Disconnect, points out that the colors that make a big splash at the fashion shows and the colors that many fashion lovers choose to wear in their everyday lives can often be worlds apart. We suspect some of you fabulous fitkicks fans will find yourselves nodding in recognition as you read the article. 

FITKICKS Shoes Basic Colors are Great

No matter what the fashion designers show us, it seems that black, gray, white and dark blues are colors that have a way of finding their way into our wardrobes season after season. Fans of fitkicks shoes have at least one pair of black or silver gray fit kicks sneakers in their shoe collections. Many of us may love our classic teal and fuchsia pink FitKicks shoes, but tend to be wary of shopping for clothing in the latest fashion colors because we do not want them to look dated this time next year. And, of course, some of us are simply not the kind of people who are comfortable standing out too much in a crowd.

Find Color Inspiration from the Full FITKICKS Range

If you are not used to wearing bright colors, you may hesitate to choose a glamorous cobalt coat or cute pink skirt, no matter how often you see such vibrant hues worn by celebrities and fashion models. But shoes, such as colorful fitkicks sneakers, and accessories like the headband and wrist wallet are a great way to incorporate the on trend shades into your personal style without stepping too far outside your comfort zone. So why not add a little vibrancy to your wardrobe range with easy and affordable fitkicks shoes and Fit Kicks Accessories.

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November 19, 2016

Shipment was so quick and I love these!! Keep coming up with new designs/prints and I’ll keep buying. When I get paid again I’ll be buying the black and then the teal tie dye or whatever that print is lol! Thank you thank you!!!!

November 11, 2016

Congrats on your wedding, Brittany! The manufacturer of Fitkicks does not make custom colors … we’ve asked. But your idea sounds like a lot of fun and we hope your special day is amazing. =)

Brittany Crump
Brittany Crump

November 08, 2016

Grey toe guard with a teal strap on black would be perfect for me and my bridal party


May 01, 2016

I recently visited Niagara Falls and the hotel lobby store had these for sale. I loved them so much that I purchased 2 pairs right on the spot. The next day I purchased another pair. Black, Pink and the Teal colour. I just came across the fitkicks website and ended up purchasing 2 more pairs. They are that amazing!!! I wore them out to a Dance Charity event last night and it felt like I was walking on air, like I had nothing on my feet. They didn’t hurt the back of my heels, no blisters, just plain PERFECT!!!!! I highly recommend them!!!!! And as long as the company keeps adding different colours, I’ll keep buying!!!!!

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