How Stepping Out in Your FITKICKS Could Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

April 07, 2016

How Stepping Out in Your FITKICKS Could Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Have your FITKICKS helped you improve your fitness levels? Maybe you were originally drawn to FitKicks shoes for their stylish good looks and flexible, lightweight fit. But many people have been delighted to discover that their fitkicks shoes are ideal for a wide range of fitness activities from walking and cycling to dance and Pilates. Indeed, it seems those fabulous fitkick shoes have inspired many of us to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

FITKICKS and World Health Day

Whether you are already a fan of FITKICKS footwear or you are thinking of buying your very first pair, health and fitness is likely to be on your mind, especially right now as World Health Day takes place every year on April 7. As some fit kicks fans may already know, World Health Day is sponsored by the World Health Organization and countries all over the world get involved and work on resolving problems related to the annual theme. This year, the theme of World Health Day is Diabetes an often devastating health issue that is currently in the spotlight with awareness raising efforts, education programs, and fund raising activities.

Stress Less with a More Active Lifestyle

Living a more active lifestyle can be an important step for anyone who has diabetes or who wishes to reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The benefits of exercise include reducing stress levels, getting weight to a healthy level and keeping it there, and helping the body use insulin more efficiently. So what better reason could there be to put on your fit kicks and head out for a brisk walk?

Which Pair of FITKICKS Will You Choose?
Whether you wear them for fashion and fun or as a great fitness shoe, fit kick sneakers are unrivaled when it comes to style and comfort. Available in a range of beautiful Fit kick colors - from the classic pink, teal, gray and black to the special edition Lush Life and Graphite designs – there is a pair of fitkicks shoes to suit everyone. With health at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now, there is no better time to get active, so why not explore your new active lifestyle with a new pair of FITKICKS today?

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