Could Your FITKICKS Shoes Change Someone’s Life Some Day?

March 30, 2016

It is no secret that FitKicks fans know a thing or two about shoes. And no surprise that many of you are the proud owners of several pairs of shoes - perhaps even a pair of the awesome limited edition fit kicks styles. Of course, it feels great to have a wide choice of fitness footwear and other kinds of shoes to wear for every occasion and to go with a variety of outfits. It is also comforting that those fit kicks play an important part in keeping your feet safe from injury and infection.

However, the sad fact is that for people in the poorest communities around the world even one pair of shoes is a luxury and some parents are unable to afford shoes to protect the delicate feet of their children. Having their own pairs of shoes can change childrens’ lives in unexpected ways, such as wearing shoes could be a requirement for them to attend school.
The good news is that big hearted shoe lovers are working to make a difference to people’s lives by donating lightly used shoes to help people in need. Many charities and relief programs now collect used shoes, including sneakers and fitness shoes such as fit kicks, which are then put to a variety of purposes. For example, the shoes and sneakers may be donated directly to people who need them. Or perhaps they are provided to enterprises in developing countries to refurbish and sell, creating employment which allows people to earn money for their families.

Change Lives Next Time You Treat Yourself to New FitKicks

If you are still wondering whether your fit kicks could really change someones life, the answer is yes. So if it is time to treat yourself to a new pair of FitKicks shoes, why not dig out a pair of your old shoes that you are willing to part with and donating them to a good cause?

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